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International Freight Forwarding

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International Freight Forwarding

With major air, ocean and road carriers,international freight forwarding is one of our core services. We offer reliable and competitive international freight forwarding solutions that support your continual growth and expansion in old and new markets.

Our special capabilities handle trade disputes, quota issues, customs and quarantine procedures. We deal with changing trade policies and emergency measures, ensuring that each of our customers achieves the utmost cost efficiency when moving their freight internationally. On top of our standard freight services, we offer flexible and cost-effective intermodal solutions to cater to your specific needs in terms of cost, transit time and routing. Visibility, accessibility and connectivity are the backbone of our IT systems. Our proprietary IT platform KerrierVISION, is designed to meet the individual needs of each and every customer. It provides inventory, freight, purchase order and delivery tracking, all contributing to increased cost effectiveness for your business. Through continuous improvement, we consistently devise new freight models and innovative solutions to meet your ever-changing business needs.